Five Tips for Driving with Limited Visibility

As fog is one of the worst parts of the autumn that has suddenly descended upon us, this week Acklam Car Centre reveals five tips for driving with limited visibility.

Autumn Means Foggy Roads for Drivers

Through our role as a family-owned North East-based provider of first rate second hand cars, Acklam Car Centre has seen what autumn means for drivers.

five tips for driving in fog from Acklam Car Centre

Generally, it’s fairly benign .We’re not in winter yet, so the really atrocious weather that makes driving particularly hard hasn’t set  in yet. However, one frustrating weather trait of autumn is fog, which can make it literally impossible to see the road in front of you, as you are driving.

Use These Five Tips to Drive with Limited Visibility

Which is why it’s more important than ever that you learn how to drive with limited visibility. Do so by using the following five tips from Acklam Car Centre…

  • Use Your Lights: Driving through fog is no time to skimp on lighting. Turn your lights up for as much visibility as humanly possible, to light your way along foggy roads.


  • Drive Slowly: Even with your lights turned up, there’s only so much you can see when the fog sets in. Therefore, you never really know what’s ahead of you, which is why it’s vital you drive slowly. That way, if you encounter something unexpected, you will be able to manoeuvre without causing any accidents.


  • Constantly Check Your Mirrors: When driving you always need to see what’s behind you, but checking your mirrors becomes even more important when driving with limited visibility. Fog means that you can’t see approaching cars as easily, so you need to check mirrors more often to cut down the possibility of causing any accidents.


  • Keep a Safe Distance: If you’re driving through fog, it’s hard to see long distance, meaning it’s harder to spot any issues that might occur later up the road. Therefore, you always need to keep a safe distance from the cars in front and behind you, so you have more room to work with should you come across a problem you couldn’t possibly see coming.


  • Use Your Sense of Hearing: Without your sight, you need to find other ways to make sure you know what’s happening on the road. By listening to what’s going on, you can compensate for your sight, so that there is less risk of causing an accident.

Stay Safe on the Road

Ideally, you shouldn’t be taking to the road when a fog has descended, as the limited visibility means you are more likely to cause an accident. However, sometimes you have to, and when you do, you should always use these five tips from Acklam Car Centre to make sure you stay safe on the road.

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How to Choose an Air Freshener for your Car

To make sure you have the most pleasant driving experience possible, this week Acklam Car Sales lets you know how to choose an air freshener for your car.

Kids Have a Habit of Spilling Food and Drink in the Family Car

Acklam Car Sales is a family-owned provider of premium second hand cars. As such, we understand the everyday realities that come with driving a family car.

One of those realities is the smell that pervades your car when you are driving around your kids. Kids don’t tend to think about these things, and as such, they spill everything from sticky sweets to fizzy drinks. Therefore to make driving tolerable, you need to pick an effective air freshener.

Acklam Car Sales gives advice about air fresheners

The Different Types of Car Air Freshener

Doing so is not always as easy as it sounds, which is why Acklam Car Centre has decided to go through the pros and cons of the various car air fresheners you can buy, to help you pick the right one…

  • Cardboard: It can seem tempting to go for one of those cardboard fresheners that you can get for ten a penny, but they’re ineffective, and you run through them quickly.


  • Gel-based: Gel-based car air fresheners aren’t that immediate, and are more expensive than their cardboard equivalents. However, they’re far more effective in the long term as they last a long time.


  • Aerosol: Another way you can go is aerosol, which are effective for one reason. You can use them tactically to spray when smells are getting really bad. The downside to aerosol, however, is that they’re great in the short term, but the scent doesn’t linger, like it would with a freshener that you hang on your mirror (cardboard) or stick to your dashboard (gel).


  • Oil-Wick: A new car air freshener technology, oil wick fresheners are really effective. They are composed of a glass bottle and a porous wick that brings scented oil to a plastic top. They have clips that you can use to attach them to a car’s vents. The air from the vents then vaporises the oil and blows the scent into the car. Really effective, but more expensive and somewhat fiddly to hook up.

Consider What You Want Out of a Car Air Freshener

Through weighing up the different types, Acklam Car Sales is trying to tell you that you need to consider what you want from an air freshener to go about choosing one. You want something cheap, go for cardboard. You want something immediate, go for aerosol. You want something powerful, go for oil-wick. You want something long term, go for gel-based.

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Clarkson Makes People Angry… Again

It came as no surprise to Acklam Car Centre at all last week, when we heard that Jeremy Clarkson had angered the population of Argentina.

Acklam Car Centre are Huge Top Gear Fans

You shouldn’t be shocked to learn that here at Acklam Car Centre – the North-East-based provider of first rate, second hand cars – we’re huge fans of BBC show Top Gear.

The car show fronted by Jeremy Clarkson is a car enthusiasts dream. Yet Clarkson is a controversial figure, and has the unique ability to anger people. He’s taken it to new levels this time, (allegedly) using a car’s number plate to make a statement to the people of Argentina.

top gear presenters

Jeremy Clarkson (far right) with fellow top gear presenters Richard Hammond and James May

Number Plate, H982 FKL

According to the Huffington Post, Clarkson and his team recently shot a segment for the show in Argentina using a car with a unique number plate. Nothing special, until you hear that the number plate read H982 FKL.

Many – including a majority of the Argentine population – have assumed that the number plate referred to the Falklands war, which took place in 1982. The anger prompted by the move, forced the team to abandon the car and even the country, due to fears over their safety.

Did Jeremy Clarkson Have Any Idea of the Outrage One Number Plate Could Cause

The BBC have since gone on to defend Clarkson. Andy Wilman, Top Gear’s Executive Producer has since commented that “Top Gear production purchased three cars for a forthcoming programme; to suggest this car was either chosen for its number plate, or that an alternative number plate was substituted for the original is completely untrue.”

Of anyone else, we doubt it would have ever gone this far. It’s an easy – if unlikely – mistake to make, after all. Yet Jeremy Clarkson has a habit of being controversial for controversies sake. That’s why many people are finding it hard to believe that he had no idea what kind of outrage this car’s number plate would cause.

Please Stop Making People Angry Jeremy Clarkson

Acklam Car Centre are not going to even go there, when it comes to whether we believe him or not. We are going to say one thing though, please stop making people angry Jeremy Clarkson. It draws attention away from Top Gear itself, which is a shame, because the show is probably the best car show out on TV today!

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Criminals Beware: The World’s Fastest Police Car is Simply Stunning!

Any car enthusiast loses their marbles when confronted with the car that holds the record for completing the fastest lap round the Top Gear test track. Here at Acklam Car Sales, we’re no exception!

We’re All Car Nuts Here at Acklam Car Sales

You’ve got to love what you do if you’re going to become the fastest growing second hand car dealership in the North-East of England. Since that’s exactly what we are here at Acklam Car Sales, it’s not too big a leap to suggest we really do love cars.

Saying that, we’re Top Gear nuts. We’ve seen every manner of celebrity, every manner of car and driver take on that test track, and we’re fascinated each time a new record is achieved. That’s why when the Avon and Summerset police department used the track to unveil the capabilities of the world’s fastest police car, by driving it along the infamous test track, we were left pleasantly gobsmacked!

fiat police car

Another Top Gear Police Car

A Drivers Dream!

Oh it was like a dream! The Avon and Summerset police department decided to showcase the capabilities of the 350 bph Ariel Atom, which they borrowed from producer Atom for the ‘Project safer Rider’ campaign. This campaign is designed to send a message to bikers who speed; you quite literally will be caught in action!

It is certainly a thing of beauty. A variant of the latest Atom 3.5R, the vehicle goes from 0-62 mph in 0.2 seconds, boasts a top speed of 155 mph, has the latest aerodynamic hella pursuit lights and emergency equipment, and is worth a whopping £38,000!

Be Safe on the Road

Of course it’s all a pipedream. We are never going to own this car, and it’s only used for off-road driving anyway, but the car was presented to tackle a larger social issue; speeding by cyclists on Britain’s roads. It’s a cause we believe in.

You need to be safe on the road. Did you know that in the area this police force resides over, seven motorcyclists have lost their lives due to reckless driving already this year? That’s a massive 30% increase. Also, motorcyclists are 35% times more likely to be killed in a collision than other drivers.

So, drooling aside, this car should remind you that you need to be safe on the roads whatever you drive. This isn’t because in a vehicle like this, the police could easily catch you, but because driving at breakneck speeds is extraordinarily dangerous!

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Indian Car Sales Decline

Acklam Car Sales can report that car sales in India have continued you to fall sharply in April 2014 and is showing no sign of recovering any time soon.

Car Sales

Passenger car sales fell 10.2% year-on-year in April to 135,433 units. This has worsened from a 5.1% decline in the previous month, according to new data from the Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers (SIAM).

Deepesh Rathmore, the director of emerging markets automotive advisors said: “The problem is that when car sales are down even after price reduction, because of the excise duty cut, it indicates that the market is in really bad shape,”. The Emerging Markets Automotive Advisors are a New Deli based research group.

Acklamcarsales india

The Indian Economy

Lots of different car manufacturers entered the Indian automotive market hoping for a strong demand in car sales, with an emerging economy and high population. With the average wage in India going up so fast, many thought the demand for car sales would be high. However, this has not been the case and the demand for car sales has disappointed. This is due to a mixture of high inflation in India and weak consumer confidence which has really slowed demand for new cars.

Growth has slowed to just 5%, and industrial activity has waned also, this may have consequences for the commercial vehicles market. Commercial vehicles are any types of vehicle used to ship goods such as a van or a truck. Sales in commercial vehicles have dropped 24% in April to only 43,080. Two wheeled vehicles are the one segment still growing, with sales up 11.7% in April to 1.3 million units.

New government- new change?

A new government will come into power in India next week, after the huge general election draws to a close. The hope with the new government is that a strong administration will re-ignite growth back into the Indian economy which is the third largest in Asia, which will see car sales rising again.

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